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ANDREW NEMETHY has spent decades as a multi-faceted reporter, writer, essayist and editor, steadfastly avoiding being stuck into any niche and living by the motto that variety is the spice of writing life.

From his home base in Vermont, his freelance career has taken him from Baffin Island to Europe and Scandinavia for travel stories, to Berlin, Germany, as a John J. McCloy journalism fellow, and to every town in the state as author of Vermont Life's Travel Vermont and as a prolific contributor to the magazine. He has done considerable contract work assisting Vermont businesses, state agencies, nonprofits and colleges in getting their message across effectively. His stories and essays on a wide variety of topics have appeared in Outside, Yankee Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Skiing and Snow Country, Yankee's Travel Guide to New England, and many other magazines, as well as in newspapers such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune.

In Vermont, he currently writes for VtDigger.org and SevenDays. Born in Austria of Hungarian parents, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast, Vietnam vet, graduate of Amherst College and Columbia School of Journalism, and the Robert Frost school of hanging around until you learn something.

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