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LOUIS BERNEY has written on subjects ranging from foreign affairs to film, politics to major league baseball, government and social issues to retirement plans and Internet retailing.

He has edited many publications, particularly in the field of finance, and has taught high school English and college journalism. Louis’ experience in media includes serving as press secretary to a Vermont governor and a California congresswoman and working as director of media relations for the University of Baltimore. Louis has written for scores of publications, including The Washington Post, Time, The Baltimore Sun, Newsweek and USA Today. Louis was also a reporter for The Boston Globe and two Vermont newspapers, the Rutland Herald and The Times Argus.

Louis has been based in India and Eastern Europe as a foreign correspondent, and he has written from more than a dozen countries and more than half the states. Louis also has worked as an editor and writer for numerous organizations, including nonprofits, international aid groups, museums and research entities. He has written a book on the Baltimore Orioles and has assisted several other authors on book projects. Louis attended Kenyon College and graduated from George Washington University. He spends his time in, and works from, Baltimore, Vermont and Florida.

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